7 Questions to Ask When Trying to Find the PERFECT Wedding Photographer + Videographer

Before ever booking the ideal wedding photographer + videographer, you need to have an idea of what you’re getting yourself into. Often when couples reminisce on their wedding day, they either have positive or negative feelings toward the people who captured their special day -- no in-between. 

A good friend of mine made a pretty integral mistake when booking her wedding photographer. Rather than focusing on the important, meaningful questions about the photographer’s style and proficiency, she prioritized the cost and whether it’d fit in her wedding budget. Yes, she saw a few photos her photographer took, she liked the editing style and mood of the images, but she didn’t ask many real questions. Consequently, she and her husband were ‘ghosted’ by the photographer for about four months before receiving the full package and although the bride liked the pictures, she was extremely disappointed with their photographer’s professionalism.

Asking good questions can save your wedding memorabilia. 

I’ve worked hard to gather seven of the most meaningful questions you can ask your potential media team before hiring them so you don’t regret your decision.

1. How would you describe your media style? 

Asking a question like this will help you decide if this photographer is a good fit for you and your spouse’s monumental day. Depending on their answer, you may feel more or less connected to the team. For instance, let’s say they describe their style as ‘romantic, darker and moody,’ but you tend to like brighter, colorful moments. This may be an indication that this team isn’t the team for you.

2. How quick is your turnaround and how will you send the files to my spouse and I?

Now, if you don’t mind waiting a few months for your photos and video, maybe this question won’t be as relevant to you. However, if you want the captured moments within a certain time frame, it wouldn’t hurt to ask this question. Knowing when and how you’ll receive the files can be VERY comforting.

3. Can I see a full album and video from a previous wedding you’ve worked?

These days, many professionals have websites you can look at their previous works on, but having them send ALL the files to you from a previous wedding will allow you to see more than the picture-perfect moments they store on their website. You can see the raw, authentic moments they captured and decide if you like those too.

4. How long have you been photographing + recording weddings and how many do you typically work at in a year?

This questions will earn the media team their credibility. If they’re charging an absurd amount of money and they’ve only been capturing wedding moments for a couple months, you may want to re-evaluate whether or not you’d like to pay them the amount they’re asking for. Their answer to this question will also ease your mind and increase your trust in them depending on their experience level.

5. How do you typically schedule a wedding day?

Their answer to this question will give you a peek into their time management skill level and how organized they are. Your wedding photographer + videographer MUST have incredible time management skills in order to capture all the moments necessary to keep your happy.


6. Will you have a second-shooter at my wedding?

After you tell them the number of people you anticipate attending your wedding, they’ll have an idea of how many staff need to work the wedding. If you’re having a smaller, more intimate ceremony, it’s likely they wouldn’t need a second-shooter. However, if your wedding is on the larger side, they may need to bring some assistance. Knowing the answer to this question could help you plan accordingly.

7. Can I see a contract?

Most photographers and videographers should have a written agreement you can sign that way you’re both on the same page, but my friend’s photographer didn’t. Consequently, her photographer slacked a bit and did not perform as well as my friend had hoped. Ensure your photographer and videographer send you a contract to look over and sign.

Now, of course you could ask plenty of other great questions. These are just the few I felt inclined to share with you out of mine and my friends’ own experiences. I wish you the best of luck in finding your ideal wedding media team!

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