Are Wedding Photographers & Videographers Worth the Cost?

While planning your wedding, I’m sure you and your fiance have discussed the cost of your wedding’s photos and video. The conversation is inevitable. Perhaps, you’ve even considered whether hiring these professionals is worth the price. 

Now, I don’t want you to feel like I’m showing any bias. Please know, I’m being as straightforward and open-minded as possible while writing this piece for you guys.

So, is it worth it to hire wedding photographers and videographers? 

Hiring a talented team to capture your day can be costly, time consuming and a little stressful. Choosing the professionals whose style aligns with your own personal taste and preferences can be very challenging. I completely see why it’s appealing to not take the plunge and hire professional photographers or videographers.

With all this in mind, I want you to know something: hiring the professionals will make a difference. 

I, myself, didn’t actually hire a videographer to capture my own wedding. After becoming more and more experienced in the videography industry, I was filled with a bit of longing. I wished I would’ve invested in a videographer to record my big day like my clients invest in me. 

Not having a wedding video for my own wedding made a difference to me. I know having that video would mean a lot, so I want my clients to understand just how special these keepsakes are. The photos and videos captured on your wedding day will last longer than a lifetime -- your future children will likely show their children and so forth. 

Investing in your wedding’s keepsake is worth the costs. 

Photographers and videographers can charge anywhere from $300-3000 to record your day.

If you’re on a strict budget and are unsure of whether you’ll be able to afford a photographer and videographer, I’d recommend doing some local research and seeing if you can find professionals who may not be as advanced. The people who are newer to the industry typically charge less than seasoned professionals. 

Every photographer and videographer has different rates for different needs; if you would only like them to cover the ceremony, they’ll likely charge you much less than if you wanted them to cover the full day. Us creatives want to work with you and we want your big day to be as incredible as possible, so most of us are pretty flexible. 

In short, I do believe the cost of media is worth the price, but I would encourage you to finalize a budget specifically for media that way you are aware of the expense.

If you have any specific questions about industry pricing, please feel free to reach out to me! I’d love to chat and give you the 411 on all those details.

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