Choosing the Perfect Engagement Session Outfit

“I remember the day of our engagement session,” my friend said. “I thought about every possible outfit in my head and still wasn’t completely satisfied nor sure of my choices.” 

She continued and said her photographer advised her to wear two outfits for the big engagement session day. However, her photographer didn’t offer much more . . advice or input than that, so clearly, my friend was a bit nervous.

“I chose a couple outfits and made sure they coordinated well with my fiance’s choices, but wow, it would’ve been great to have had some tips or guidelines to refer to,” she said. 

One of the biggest keys to landing a successful engagement shoot is choosing outfits that complement each other, so here are some tips I’ve gathered that help narrow down your options.

Wear what you feel comfortable in.

Too often, people make the mistake of wearing spiffy outfits in hopes of woo-ing those who see the pictures, but end up disliking the overall photography session. Why? Because they were uncomfortable the entire time. Constantly adjusting their top, pulling up their bottoms, and feeling unsure of how they look. When you wear something you’re comfortable in, you will feel BEAUTIFUL the entire shoot. 

Don’t limit yourself to following current trends. 

When deciding what to wear for the shoot, it’s pretty simple to assume following current trends would be a safe choice. However, these pictures are ideally going to be timeless. In order for them to be timeless, steering clear from trendy accessories or outfits will do you a service years from now when you look back at these pictures.

Understand the difference between complementary and matching. 

Sometimes, couples think that wearing matching colored outfits to the shoot is the best thing to do. While matching outfits is endearing, wearing complementary outfits will be more stunning for your pictures. To wear complementary outfits, focusing on the way the colors look together will be the key to finding that perfect balance. 

Choose an outfit that fits in with the location.

When you’re scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, what photographers’ photos catch your eye the most? Is it the outdoorsy shoots with loads of greenery? The empty field pictures? What about the downtown-city images? Depending on your own taste, the location you choose will set the tone for your pictures. The scene you choose will either accentuate your carefully chosen outfits or drown them, so if you choose an outfit based on where you’ll be shooting, the decision will come easier to you.

1-2 Outfits will do the trick.

Let’s say you’ve read all these tips and feel ready to choose your engagement session’s wardrobe now. You start selecting outfits, and realize you have four strong candidates. Realistically, changing 3-4 times during a shoot can be stressful and time consuming. It’s best to narrow it down to 1-2 looks that way you can keep things simple.

With all of this in mind, it’s important to remember that your engagement photo session is meant to be fun and exciting! Not stressful. I hope you have the most wonderful shoot with your fiance. 

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