How to Look Comfortable in Your Wedding Pictures

At one point or another, we’ve all felt awkward or uncomfortable while taking a picture. Whether it be because the picture is being taken in a public place around other people or an awkward situation, the discomfort is inevitable. 

Now, we all see those Instagram influencers who make posing for pictures look like a breeze. You may even ask yourself sometimes, “How do they look so naturally happy in this?” or “How do they look so comfortable?” I just want you to know that you’re NOT alone. I, myself, have wondered how some people are so naturally photogenic while others are not. 

But guess what? There’s hope for all of us! We can all look effortlessly nature and cozy in pictures if we use some helpful posing tips and tricks. 

Relax and loosen up.

The freer you look in your wedding pictures, the more natural they’ll be. Even if your photographer or videographer asks you to do a specific pose or stance, you’ll look very natural because of how much you’ve relaxed.

Have your fiance whisper in your ear while getting pictures taken.

During my brother’s wedding shoot, the photographer told him to “whisper the word ‘broccoli’ in his bride’s ear.” This caused her to bust out laughing, which made the pictures look beyond authentic. 

Don’t think about the cameras.

Rather than thinking about the cameras and the people watching you, think about your groom. Think about how much you love him and how excited you are to be his wife. When you take a second to think about this, you’ll feel undeniably at ease.

Try not to try too hard.

When you’re trying too hard to smile, laugh or look candid in a picture, people can tell. The key to looking comfortable and beautiful in your wedding pictures is to be yourself. Rather than forcing yourself to smile or look serious, do what feels right and you’ll do great.

The pictures + video you receive from this day will be on-record per se for the rest of your life. Rather than focusing on looking perfect, try to focus on expressing your love and happiness through the captured moments. 

I am THRILLED to see your wedding pictures. I know you’re going to look amazing.

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