Wedding Tips to Help Family + Group Pictures Go Smoothly

We all can recall photo experiences that weren’t ideal in one way or another. Maybe your senior class group portraits didn’t turn out so well because too many people were goofing off or absent. When you look back on moments like that, it may not bother you as much because that picture didn’t revolve around you.

The family + friends group pictures that get taken on your wedding day do revolve around you and your fiance, which is why it is VITAL for everyone to be focused and all smiles… at least for the few minutes it takes to capture those group pictures. 

Some wedding family + friends picture sessions take over an hour to get. In fact, I’m sure you may know some people who went through this. Ultimately, though, you’d never expect it to happen on your wedding day with your loved ones. However, there’s no way to ensure a smooth family and friends group session without taking these four tips into consideration:

1. Make sure EVERYONE is in the loop and knows the game plan for what will occur after your ceremony.

2. Before your wedding day, brainstorm a general ‘picture order’ with your photographer or fiancé that way things will run more efficiently.

3. Consider designating someone who is familiar with most people at your wedding to be the director; they can announce who’s next in line for pictures, etc.

4. Do not overthink it; go with the flow and let your photographer + videographer handle the stress. 

When people look back on their wedding day, they almost always reflect on the moments that were captured and the moments that were missed. If you take about 30 minutes to organize the after-ceremony family + friends pictures in advance, you’ll be thankful you did in the long run. 

Rather than having a 1.5 hour long group photos session, you could use those extra minutes for more valuable wedding activities.

We, at Select Pro Media, wish you the best of luck in preparing for those smooth wedding group photos. Feel free to tag us in wedding family images you upload on social media; we’d love to see your happy moments!

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