Wedding Videos

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Base Package - $1,400

- 6 hours of coverage
- A final 4-5 minute highlight video of your special day

- One Videographer
- Drone coverage (dependent on if venue and weather allow)
- Vows will be recorded and intertwined into the final video (if requested)
- Delivery of final edited video within 5 weeks


Add an extra hour to the base 6 hours. (Multiple extra hours can be added.)


7 MINUTE FILM:                              $200

Receive a 7 minute film instead of 4-5 minutes.

15 MINUTE FILM:                            $500

Receive a 15 minute film instead of 4-5 minutes.


Big wedding? Scared of missing things?Add a 2nd videographer. Additional shots, more angles, more coverage.

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À La Carte:


OF TOASTS & DANCES:              $75

Receive RAW footage of your toasts and first dances. (Bride+groom, father+daughter, mother+son)

THE "FOMO" EDIT:                        $350

Fear of missing out on some sweet moments captured? Receive a 1-2 hour full video of your entire special day, in chronological order. We'll put all footage shot together into one big "home movie" for you. Separate from the final film.

CEREMONY EDIT:                         $100

Along with your highlight film, you'll receive this Ceremony Edit. 20-30 minutes long, of the entire ceremony from start to finish.

LOVE STORY:                                 $500

Sit down with us and tell your love story to the camera. Includes 1 interview and 1 couples session to capture B-roll for the final film.